Statutory Information

Please find below all statutory documents for Steel City Schools Partnership:

Statutory Documents

Trustees and GB meetings 17 18.pdf FOX HILL SFA - Complete.pdf Business interest info Directors and GB 17 18.docx.pdf

Business Interest Info Directors & GB 2017/18

SCSP draft scheme of delegation Dec 15.pdf

SCSP Scheme of Delegation

Directors and GB Schedule 2017/18

Fox Hill Funding Agreement

MANSEL SFA - Complete.pdf

Mansel Funding Agreement

MONTENEY SFA - Complete.pdf

Monteney Funding Agreement

SCSP - Certificate of Incorporation.pdf

SCSP Certificate of Incorporation

SCSP Articles of Association.pdf

SCSP Articles of Association

SCSP MFA - Complete.pdf

SCSP Master Funding Agreement

SCSP vfm statement Dec 14 signed.pdf

SCSP Value For Money Statement Dec 2014

8356745-Steel City Schools Partnership 1314 FinStat.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2013/14

Steel City Schools Partnership - Financial Statement 201415.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2014/15

08356745 Steel City Schools Partnership 1516 FinStat.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2015/16

Steel City Schools Partnership is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State of Education.  It is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales

(company number 8356745), whose registered office is at Monteney Primary School, Monteney Crescent, Sheffield, S5 9DN.

Trustees meeting attendance 16 17.pdf

Trustees Meeting Attendance 2016/17

Members, Trustees & GB Sept 17.pdf

Members, Trustees and Governing Bodies

Steel City Schools Partnership 1617 Financial Statement final.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2016/17

Greenhill Primary SFA.pdf

Greenhill Primary Funding Agreement

Windmill Hill Primary SFA.pdf

Windmill Hill Primary Funding Agreement

SCSP Privacy Notice.pdf

SCSP Privacy Notice

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