Statutory Information

Please find below all statutory documents for Steel City Schools Partnership:

Statutory Documents

Trustees & GB Schdule 2018-19.pdf FOX HILL SFA - Complete.pdf Business interest info Directors and GB 17 18.docx.pdf

Business Interest Info Directors & GB 2017/18

SCSP Scheme of Delegation.pdf

SCSP Scheme of Delegation

Directors and GB Schedule 2018/19

Fox Hill Funding Agreement

MANSEL SFA - Complete.pdf

Mansel Funding Agreement

MONTENEY SFA - Complete.pdf

Monteney Funding Agreement

SCSP - Certificate of Incorporation.pdf

SCSP Certificate of Incorporation

SCSP Articles of Association.pdf

SCSP Articles of Association

SCSP MFA - Complete.pdf

SCSP Master Funding Agreement

SCSP vfm statement Dec 14 signed.pdf

SCSP Value For Money Statement Dec 2014

8356745-Steel City Schools Partnership 1314 FinStat.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2013/14

Steel City Schools Partnership - Financial Statement 201415.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2014/15

08356745 Steel City Schools Partnership 1516 FinStat.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2015/16

Steel City Schools Partnership is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State of Education.  It is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales

(company number 8356745), whose registered office is at Monteney Primary School, Monteney Crescent, Sheffield, S5 9DN.

Trustee Meeting Attendance 2017-18.pdf

Trustees Meeting Attendance 2017/18

SCSP Financial Statement 2017 18.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2017/18

Steel City Schools Partnership 1617 Financial Statement final.pdf

SCSP Financial Statement 2016/17

Greenhill Primary SFA.pdf

Greenhill Primary Funding Agreement

Windmill Hill Primary SFA.pdf

Windmill Hill Primary Funding Agreement

SCSP Privacy Notice.pdf

SCSP Privacy Notice

Members, Trustees & GB Sept 17.pdf

Members, Trustees and Governing Bodies

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